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The Basic Rooms in a Generation Ship

It’s been a while since I last talked about this game so let me show a little of what it’s all about. For this post I’ll focus on the basic structure of the ship and what the rooms do.

Laying structural tiles, the foundation of the ship
Laying structural tiles, the foundation of the ship

Expanding your ship is at the core of progressing in this game and will be required to gradually add functionality to your ship and to expand the active population you can sustain. Pre-set rooms are purchased from the shop and placed as you see fit: however, there is currently a requirement for a structural foundation to the vessel. This is probably the least casual player-friendly aspect of the game so far and I welcome feedback (and will be actively seeking it when testing begins). There are structural tiles that must be placed to then “anchor” rooms upon them. These structural tiles can be seen as the conduits of power/oxygen running right through the ship.

As for the rooms themselves, this is the current list of implemented or at least partially-implemented rooms:

  • Sleeping Quarters – The life of a colonist always returns to here once they have exhausted themselves being useful (or just standing around).
  • Stasis Chamber – There are many other colonists on board, but most are not initially part of the active crew. When the player has the facilities to support them, more can be revived here.
  • Bridge – The classic command centre of the ship that is required to enter navigation. Navigation allows the ship to be directed towards nearby points of interest (see image).
  • Engine Room – The counterpart to the bridge, the engine room is required to fuel any ship manoeuvring as desired by navigation.
  • Starcoin Mine – Every society needs a trading currency and so the loosely connected human race of Generation Ship have Starcoins to pay off their interstellar debts. The mine is something of a trading floor for your financially inclined colonists.
The navigation overlay (work in progress)
The navigation overlay (very work in progress)

Most of this is barely at a first pass level but the focus is on getting the game operating like a game as soon as possible. I’ll be moving onto the characters themselves for a few days next, I look forward to giving them a bit more individuality. And I eagerly await giving the visuals some love before too long (surely every dev likes that part).

Till next time!

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