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Introducing “Generation Ship”

Working title, I haven’t thought of a proper one yet.

This, then, is my next project and due to be my second game release since going “full indie”. The plan has more-or-less stayed the same since I started on it at New Year – I feel like a free-to-play title will allow me to get a game to a lot more people than I have been able to with Stargazing; even if the monetisation issue becomes trickier. I actually started on a PC game concept before deciding that the scale of a mobile game, along with the experience I have of the mobile development and release processes, made sticking with mobile the only thing that really made sense right now. I think I’ve finally reached a point where the game is starting to come together, and I will try to get back into the routine of regular updates, screenshots and all that jazz.

This is all very placeholder. The UI atlas is directly copied from Stargazing for now.
This is all very placeholder. The UI atlas is directly copied from Stargazing for now.

This is a completely different beast to Stargazing, sharing only the vague theme of “space”. It is a game I specifically see as working on mobile devices – something to pull out of your pocket or switch on your tablet for a few minutes at a time. The goal is less important than the journey: an experience of cultivating a living micro-society that continues to exist at all times. There’s almost something of the virtual pet in here, mixed with more traditional management elements as seen in PC games. The micro-management requirement will be light, but there will be opportunity to set the environment up as you see fit – connect your ship’s rooms in any number of configurations and assign jobs to the randomly generated characters.

Needless to say, at this stage there is still a fairly intimidating amount of work left to do. I plan to once again do everything myself due to the lack of any sort of budget (though actually I do enjoy getting stuck into every part of the process). As far as scheduling goes, my current hope is to be testing a beta version in May, and then getting to a release as soon after as possible. This is the kind of game that I would like to continue to maintain and add to post-release, hoping there will be enough players to help justify that!

Future updates will generally focus on specific aspects of the game as they start to emerge, so expect those soon!

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