“The years pass but these stars do remain.”Join Cece and James as they live out their lives under the night sky in Stargazing.

  • Simple “join the dots” gameplay with a tranquil ambience
  • 57 real constellations to discover across 7 regions of sky covering both celestial hemispheres
  • A gentle story of love and life unfolds as more of the sky is explored
  • Complete the story and revisit the stars to unlock further constellation trivia
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Or play the Flash prototype of Stargazing for free and see how the idea started.

“It’s an acquired taste, sure, but if Burgess’s vision of minimalistic sky-searching sounds in any way appealing to you then this might just be your bag.” – Pocket Gamer




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About Me

Following six years working in the games industry in Oxford, UK, I decided to go it alone and develop games independently. In that time I worked as a programmer on a variety of console and mobile titles including two Need For Speed games, DJ Hero and most recently Clumsy Ninja at NaturalMotion. A frequent game jam participant, Stargazing for iOS and Android devices is my first attempt at releasing a game to market.

Stargazing made a lot of sense to me as a first major project as it combines two significant parts of who I am: the space-fascinated part who graduated with a masters degree in physics with astrophysics; and the part who just really wants to tell stories.

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