Browser Games

Mr. Eck

One Game A Month: March 2013

Unavailable Flash Games

Barrage Trigger

Ludum Dare 27 entry

Theme: “10 Seconds”


Ludum Dare 26 entry

Theme: “Minimalism”

Harold is an Executioner

Ludum Dare 25 entry (#1 Mood, #8 Theme)

Theme: “You Are the Villain”


Mini-Ludum Dare 37 entry

Theme: “Not-game”

Mutation Flight

Ludum Dare 24 entry

Theme: “Evolution”


Ludum Dare 23 entry

Theme: “Tiny World”

Southward Lies Escape

Ludum Dare 21 entry

Theme: “Escape”

Chance Encounter

Mini-Ludum Dare 27 entry

Theme: “All Talk”


Ludum Dare 19 entry

Theme: “Discovery”

The Robots & I

Ludum Dare 18 entry

Theme: “Enemies as Weapons”

Unavailable Unity Web Player Games

A Day at the Homunculus Races

Ludum Dare 28 entry

Theme: “You only get one”

Night Fishing

One Game A Month: September 2013

4 Elements

One Game A Month: June 2013

Catch the Light

One Game A Month: May 2013

(The Morning After) The Night Before

One Game A Month: February 2013

Warden of the Planes

One Game A Month: January 2013

Tower of Abominations

Ludum Dare 22 entry

Theme: “Alone”