Generation Ship

Generation Ship Coming This November

As October ebbed away on Friday evening it finally happened: I submitted my 1.0 build to Apple for review, marking 10 full months of development on Generation Ship. Certainly longer than I had planned but these last few months have been very important in pulling the game together into something worth playing. For some time it seemed new bugs were appearing every day and it would never be solid enough to release, so I’m glad to have been able to get to this point.

I can also give a reveal to my first ever game trailer: a rapid-fire selection of gameplay footage primarily created to play on the App Store (although only on iPhone 5-series devices for… reasons).

I’m now in a strangely calm intermission as I wait for Apple’s judgement but I still have things to be getting on with, not least of which ensuring the Google Play release will be ready to go in sync with that of the App Store. But having got to this point at the beginning of November, I’m comfortable saying that even with a hiccup or two we should be good to go for a November launch. It’s going to be great to finally see it out there!

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