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One Game A Month: September

Woah! I hear cries of astonishment at a “One Game A Month” post actually appearing well within the intended month. Well, yes, my new-found independence allows me the time to perform such feats. As it happens this particular game was mostly developed a while ago for a previous month (the Unity project name is in fact “July”) but I never got around to finishing it (loose definition of finish) until now.

Night Fishing
Night Fishing

This, then, is “Night Fishing”. I’m struggling to properly describe some of the things I make lately but this is more along the lines of the thoughtful, short, barely-a-game pieces. Almost an interactive picture really with a gentle narrative voiced by the only person in the scene. A lot of attention has gone into the aesthetics here and indeed the mechanical “gameplay” is only very slight. I hope it still proves meaningful.

I’d be particularly interested in what people think of this. Could it be expanded and if so how? Feel free to let me know below (or Twitter etc)!

Play “Night Fishing” here

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