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One Game A Month: May

Presently I hold down a job in the actual salary/desk job games industry and as such am prone to sudden bouts of overtime requirement. This has really held back my efforts over the last month (and this month isn’t likely to be much better…) But enough of that, onto what I actually have achieved!

Catch the Light
Catch the Light

My initial plan was to knock up a little puzzle game. However, between fighting nasty little rare logic bugs and building up the mechanics it became clear in my few spare hours it wasn’t going to come together. Hopefully I’ll get back on that for this, the month of June, but what I have managed is an ultra-quick little game for May!

The self-explanatory “Catch the Light” sees the player in a standard first-person perspective chasing a hovering little ball of light around a stark monochrome environment. How many times can you catch it in a minute? A game of reflexes, orientation and observation. It would have suited the last Ludum Dare really, in its minimalist ways!

Play “Catch the Light” here

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