Ludum Dare

Charity Game Jam

Hey there! Last weekend the international game jammin’ community came together once again to make games over one weekend, but this time with a nice little extra twist: raising money for charity! I think the Funkytron (back to that shortly) is still open as I write and has recorded $1550 raised for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Which is great!

I donated myself as I worked away on a game that I eventually wasn’t up to completing. Why? Well I only started it on the Saturday night and it just didn’t quite come together. It was inspired by a delightfully insane story concept I heard from an office colleague wherein the Earth is a prison for an alien race, and other aliens are bombarding the prison to release them. Or something. Hmm maybe this one is best left unfinished…

The theme of the jam was to fit the limitations of the NES (I love restrictions like that) and the submissions can be played over on the Funkytron here:

Oh, and see you in December for Ludum Dare 25!

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