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The Pirate Kart

I think it’s a great idea: everyone spends a weekend (or whatever) banging out a stream of miniature slices of gaming; rough, bug-riddled fragments of joy. Unfortunately, the weekend in question happened to fall shortly before my imminent adventure to Seoul. Net result: way too distracted, and honestly my heart just wasn’t really in it this time.

Nevertheless, I forced my way through three of these “games” before finally giving up. They live on my PC/Mac game page in one handy collection with a silly name belying the rather plain contents.

The games then:

  • Flip On – An ode to a primitive 90s puzzle toy
  • Balance – Balance blocks on a precarious beam (thanks Unity rigid bodies!)
  • Goals, I Do Adore – A challenge to “score goals” with the kind of controls and physics likely to make you a little bit angry

I set out to make these in Unity, and stuck to it. But absolutely, for games intended to take at most two hours, I wouldn’t do the same again. I just want something to put pixels on a screen in that time.

Download Paul’s Premier Pirate Kart Krap Kollection over here

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