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Something of a rainy day

So I thought I’d throw up something I spent my Christmas playing with. Yes, that’s right – as I sat in the bedroom of my childhood in my parent’s house, having filled myself with more turkey than would ever really be necessary, I spanked out some ActionScript and drew some vague imagery in GIMP. I love GIMP.

The intention was to make a little game, but I decided to let myself be driven by visual goals (a bit unusual for me). As such it never got remotely close to being a game, but ended up as a little experiment in making rainfall with good ol’ Flixel.

I wasn't clinically depressed. Honest.

It was interesting to see how quickly the raindrop collisions started racking up the time for each update iteration on my laptop. I’d still like to make it into a game somehow, but haven’t got the faintest idea how really. It wasn’t envisioned as a game, so maybe that just isn’t to be.

Anyway, here’s a link to the swf (it has a menu screen, but for no reason other than I always start with a “menu” and “game” state with these Flixel projects). One more thing: it features a fairly heavy handed use of FlxG.Flash, meaning the screen flashes white, potentially quite frequently. If that’s likely to bother your eyes, steer clear.

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