"Let's take a look along this trail. Take a few steps in that direction and tell me what you see."\n\n"I can't see far ahead... the trees are thick and the darkness clings to them. I feel like this is the wrong place to be. There are things in these woods... terrible things..."\n\nMr. Eck is becoming quite distressed, you could [[return him to the main path|Entering the Woods]] or [[forge ahead|Woods: Trail deeper]] regardless.
"When you're ready I want you to pull back the leather on the body's face."\n\n<<if $beach_have_knife>>"If you insist... I'm going to need this knife... Ah! It... I think it moved?"\n\n"Breathe in and out slowly for me... Good. Now proceed, let's find out [[who is in the bag|Beach: Body Reveal]]."<<else>>"I... can't. The leather won't part, I can't get in... Ah! It's moving! The body... it isn't dead! I need to get out of here!" Mr. Eck was beginning to panic, you're going to need to [[bring him out of this scenario|Scenario End]].<<endif>>
You hear the hushed, calming voice of your ever-dutiful assistant before a man walks slowly through your door. He makes walking upright look somehow unnatural: his shoulders are back and his steps are measured... but almost too much so.\n\n"Hello, please have a seat to my left," you inform him.\n\n"Thank you." Mr. Eck seats himself carefully as if he might break the seat, then after a pause sinks back into the reclined chair. "I do hope you can help me, you came [[highly recommended|Recommended]]. Shall we [[begin|The Process]]?"
"Right, I'd like you to turn away from the footprints: look in the opposite direction and tell me what you see."\n\n"Right now I see very little. Sand, water and rocks."\n\n"Nothing stands out as different to what you saw in the other direction?"\n\n"Just the lack of footprints. The water does seem less active in this direction... everything is perhaps a little more calm and still."\n\nIt might be worth [[continuing|Beach: Knife]] to see if Mr. Eck's mind throws anything up over here, otherwise he could [[reconsider the direction of the footprints|Beach: Turning point]].
"Please continue along the beach in this direction: notice the sand under your feet and the weak sea breeze swirling about you."\n\n"There's something across the sea. A darkness in the distance."\n\n"Okay is this just a sense of darkness or something physical? Can you see it?"\n\n"Yes, oh it is a physical thing. Something huge. It wasn't there before. It hides in the mist and dusk." In his hypnotised state, Mr. Eck looks afraid.\n\nThere are only two real options here. [[Continue|Beach: Island approaches]], or [[go back the other way|Beach: Turning point]].
<<if $scenarios_explored eq 0>>Your goal is to unlock thoughts and memories by talking your patient through abstract scenarios that might allow his subconscious to speak its secrets. There is enough time in the session for a couple of scenarios.<<else>>There is perhaps time for one more scenario<<endif>><<if $explored_woods eq false>>.\n \n[[On the edge of thick woodland|Woods Intro]]<<endif>><<if $explored_beach eq false>>.\n \n[[On a breezy beach|Beach Intro]]<<endif>>.
<<silently>>\n<<set $scenarios_explored = 0>>\n<<set $explored_woods = false>>\n<<set $explored_beach = false>>\n<<set $woods_have_package = false>>\n<<set $beach_have_knife = false>>\n<<set $revelations = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>"I have a Mr. Eck here to see you for the four o'clock." Your assistant pokes her head through the gap between door and frame just enough to see your response.\n\n"Yes; please send him through."\n\nThe door is gently shut to, once more sealing you into your own sanctum of reflection and pschoanalysis. It was exactly four in the afternoon but you wished it was five. At least this was the last appointment of the day.\n\nBefore too long your [[door is opening once more.|Introduction]]
Something so anomalous as this must surely point to a direct subconscious suggestion. "I'd like you to approach this steel door. Does it open?"\n\n"The steel door... no, [[it doesn't open|Woods: Steel Door explore]]. I feel like something terrible waits on the other side of this door. But it certainly won't budge.<<if $woods_have_package eq false>>"<<else>> \n \n"I still have this [[package|Woods: Open Package]]..."<<endif>>
Ah yes, the mystery package. "Will you open the package now? It might be something important." Mr. Eck pauses before replying.\n\n"Yes. I will." His brow frowns in a manner that could indicate anxiety. "I... I'm pulling away the twine, and unwrapping the paper... inside... inside is some sort of rod. The end is an extruded triangle shape. It's a heavy thing."\n\nWhat could that be? A [[weapon|Woods: Weapon]]? A [[key|Woods: Key]]?
You get up from behind your desk and take a [[large coin|Coin]] from your desk as you do.\n\n"Please keep your eyes on this coin and try to clear your mind," you tell Mr. Eck as you begin to manipulate the coin between your fingers, catching the light on its shiny surface.\n\nMr. Eck remains very still; eventually his pupils dilate as he reaches a state of hypnosis. You allow yourself the briefest moment to enjoy the cool wash of relief.\n\n[[You face a choice now.|Scenarios]]
"Okay, try the door now. Do you find it open?"\n\n"...Yes... yes the door is open to me. It creaks as it does so: an unpleasant sound."\n\n"And what is inside the cabin? Tell me what you see."\n\n"I'm standing in one large room. It is sparsely furnished but messy: the [[floor is dirty|Woods: Dirty Floor]] and a table and chest of drawers have been overturned. Maybe someone was looking for something. But no-one is here now. Oh, but on the left... the left wall looks different to everything else. It appears to be steel with [[a heavy door|Woods: Steel Door]] set into it. Like a giant safe."
"Let's stick with this trail. Please continue."\n\n"If you insist. The further I go the darker it becomes. The dark pushes at my skin. I can't see anything at all."\n\nMaybe this was enough, [[time to return|Entering the Woods]]. Or you could [[push him on|Woods: Lost]] here one more time.
<<set $explored_woods = true>><<set $scenarios_explored = $scenarios_explored + 1>>"I want you to imagine you are stood on the edge of thick woodland. Behind you a field stretches out endlessly, before you a row of trees stand to attention. As you shift your feet, twigs crunch beneath them. You feel a swirling breeze against your skin, and through your hair. The trees feel it too: you hear the rustling of their leaves, a chorus of gentle white noise.\n\n"There is an opening in the trees in front of you leading to an overgrown path deeper into the woods. Do you see it?"\n\nAfter a pause Mr. Eck responds from his trance. "Yes. Yes I see the way into the woods," suddenly the assured confidence has gone. The fragility in his voice alarms you a little at first. "Should I... should I walk into the woods?"\n\n"[[Yes. Please do,|Entering the Woods]] taking note of your suroundings."
It's as if time slows down. On your left is the door about to be run through by who-knows-who; on your right stands Mr. Eck and his wide, terrified eyes.\n\n"I can't let them take me... I'm starting to remember things and I can't go back there!"\n\n"Look, let me talk with them... okay?"\n\n<<if $revelations gte 2>>"No... I thank you for your help, sincerely. I finally remember, and know I can never go back."<<else>><<if $revelations eq 1>>"I... I don't think so. I'm starting to remember and I can't go with them... I just can't!"<<else>>"But... oh I have a terrible feeling about this."<<endif>><<endif>>\n\nThe door bursts open, and through it two large, suited men stride into the room. "Come with us. Now."\n\n<<if $revelations gte 2>>"You'll never take me!" Mr. Eck hesitates no further as he grabs the hole punch from your desk and hurls it at the window. The impact cracks a star into the pane of glass but it holds. Before you can even begin to study the pattern it left, Mr. Eck's entire body is hurtling through, this time shattering the pane entirely.\n\nOne of the men curses and then they are out of your office. You stand there for a moment. Standing in your office with the broken window. That would need fixing.<<else>><<if $revelations eq 1>>"No! You'll never take me!" Mr. Eck appears defiant as the men approach him to restrain him: three of them in total. Before you can react whatsoever Mr. Eck is charging at the men, meaning to overcome them to flee. He never stood a chance. Moments later he is being dragged out of your office, barely able to stand.\n\nAnd just like that they were gone. Your office had seen better days and so had you.<<else>>"What do you want from me!" Mr. Eck backs away from the men who enter the room but he knows how this will end.\n\n"Come on." He is escorted out of your office leaving you to wonder whether you couldn't have worked deeper into his subconscious thoughts.<<endif>><<endif>>\n\nBut now it was five o'clock. Tomorrow brings more patients. But you would often think back to today. To Mr. Eck.\n\n''THE END''
You prepare to start your work with this intriguing gentleman. "Have you ever undergone hypnotherapy before?"\n\n"I don't believe so."\n\n"Well it's quite straight-forward: all you need to do is relax and follow my instructions. My questions and commands will be very simple: I just need you to relax your mind and speak what immediately comes to mind when the time comes."\n\n"Very well." Mr. Eck showed a level of calm composure not common to your usual patients. Was this likely to be a futile exercise?\n\n"Okay, then [[let's begin|Induction]]."
"I need to get out of here! You must help me escape!" Mr. Eck was now a different person to the one you welcomed into this room less than an hour ago.\n\n"Where can you go? We're on the third floor and that is the only door! Do you want to tell me what is going on?"\n\nThe voice at the door came again now, a little louder even than before. "Hello? Stand back from the door, [[we're coming in|Eck Flees]]."
"Ahead of you, what might be [[footprints|Beach: Footprints]] lead off into the distance, eroded by the breeze. [[Behind you|Beach: Backwards]] the sand is seemingly untouched."\n\n"Okay... yes, I see the footprints. The air is cool. And the Sun is setting."\n\n<<if $explored_woods>>What was it with this guy and darkness!<<endif>>
Mr. Eck
The coin is your preferred object of induction. It is big, shiny, and has that nice weighty feel in your hand.\n\n[[Back|Induction]]
"Please continue to walk along the beach. Be aware of the salty sea air, the sound of the sea and the movement of the sand beneath your feet."\n\n"Yes... it's difficult to see through the misty air in the dusky light... but I see something now. Something is ahead in the distance. [[An object|Beach: Distant Object]], washed up from the shore."\n\nHere we go. This must be what we're here to find: you could tell him to go ahead and [[approach the object|Beach: Approach Object]], or head back to look in [[the other direction|Beach: Turning point]] while he still can, if you'd prefer.
"Go on. You can go a bit further into the dark."\n\n"No... oh God it's so black... it pushes my skin... it hurts!" At this point you notice Mr. Eck is clawing at his face. He's not going to be of much help now, time to [[bring him around|Scenario End]].
"Might it be a key?"\n\n"Yes... I think that's it. I think this lets me through the door."\n\n"Okay, when you're ready, proceed."\n\n"There is this socket in the door. I'm pushing the key in... it opens. I'm [[pulling the door open|Woods: Surgery]], it moves smoothly despite its weight."
<<set $revelations = $revelations + 1>>"And what do you see inside? Describe what you see."\n\n"I know this place... Everywhere is brushed steel. There is an operating table... and blood... oh God I need to get out of here." Mr. Eck began to show signs of significant distress.\n\n"Take a deep breath before continuing," you attempt to reassure him once more.\n\n"No. NO. I remember now. I need to get out!" His eyes are open and starting to dart around the room, he won't be capable of exploring this space any more.\n\n"Okay Mr. Eck, look at me. Hi, yes: you are here with me undergoing hypnotherapy. Are you okay?" He only looks at you in response, whatever struggle he was fighting sinks back beneath the surface, but you see he has changed.\n\n[[Continue|Scenario End]]
<<set $beach_have_knife = true>>"Yes, take the stick, it could mean something."\n\n"Okay... I walk over to the- wait. It's not some stick: it's a handle. It's a knife! It was a knife stuck into the sand."\n\n"Interesting. Keep the knife." Time to [[proceed along the beach|Beach: Island sighted]].
"Allow the island to come to you. Proceed until it is close."\n\n"It is the strangest thing... it moves but I don't see the movement. It merely becomes closer as I continue along the beach. I fear it will consume me! It is like an island but the perimeter is an abrupt wall of doors and steel... exhaust pipes and refuse spilling into the sea... it is a terrible monstrosity!"\n\n"Can you get closer? Perhaps enter this island-craft?"\n\n"No! It is nearly at the shore! I will be consumed! I must run away even if it is to dash myself against these rocks!" Mr. Eck was too agitated now, there was no more work to do until his [[panic had been calmed|Scenario End]].
"Okay Mr. Eck, allow yourself to walk forwards, in the direction of those footprints."\n\n"Very well. I am walking along the beach."\n\n"Do you see anything? Describe your surroundings."\n\n"It really is just sand. Water to my right. Rocks to my left." Hmm, this scenario is not provoking his subconscious much just yet. Perhaps he could [[go back|Beach: Turning point]] the other way, or just [[carry on|Beach: Footprints continue]] like this for now.
"There are a lot of windows but I can't see into any of them, the curtains are drawn. There is a couple of steps to the wooden door I'm standing in front of. The night is cold." Mr. Eck did appear to be almost shivering.\n\nYou could tell him to go ahead and [[open the door|Woods: Door open]] or [[give it a knock|Woods: Door knock]] first.
"Could it be a weapon?"\n\n"Well... it would cause grievous harm to strike someone with this... but there is no-one around. That can't be what it's for." You figure he's right on that.\n\n[[Back|Woods: Open Package]]
<<set $revelations = $revelations + 1>>"I'm cutting the leather next to the head... Oh I hope it doesn't move..." A look of determination had come over Mr. Eck's face, not quite masking the uncertainty beneath.\n\n"Tell me... who is it," you calmly put to your patient. He doesnt respond at first, but his face begins to contort unpleasantly.\n\n"Long, mousy blonde hair... wet and clumped together... this face. I know this face! She... she... the scientist. The woman with the needles!"\n\n"Woah, slow down; who is she? What needles? Is she perhaps a doctor or nurse?"\n\n"Yes... some sort of doctor... but she isn't helping people... oh no... her eyes are opening." Mr. Eck starts a guttural groaning sound that quickly transitions to something between a shout and a scream. Time to [[bring him out of this|Scenario End]], quickly.
body\n{\nbackground-color:#DDDDDD;\ncolor:black;\n}\na:link {color:#804000; text-decoration:none; !important}\na:visited {color:#402000; text-decoration:none; !important}\na:hover {color:#B06000; text-decoration:none; !important}\na:active {color:#FF8000; text-decoration:none; !important}\n\n
"I'm walking into the woods."\n\n"Okay that's good: tell me what you see around you, everything you notice."\n\n"Well... it's dark... it'll be night soon. I don't think I should be here," Mr. Eck muttered nervously.\n\n"It's okay, just take a deep breath and continue." After a short pause your patient resumes.\n\n"The path continues deeper into the woods. I feel like I'm being watched... but all I hear is the rustling of the leaves. I think there's [[something on the floor|Woods: Package]]. Up ahead there's some kind of [[dull light|Woods: Light]]. Something is in the woods..."
"Please walk in this quieter direction, along the beach a little while. Tell me if anything else seems unusual."\n\n"Okay, I'm walking across the untouched sand... the sea is gentle but present, the sound is soft. Oh, I see something in the sand." Finally.\n\n"Excellent, what is it? Can you examine it for me?"\n\n"It looks like a small stick protuding from the wet sand near the sea. I could [[try to take it|Beach: Take Knife]], or just [[leave it there|Beach: Island sighted]]?"
<<set $woods_have_package = true>>This was interesting. "What is the item on the floor? Take a look at it. Describe it to me."\n\n"It's wrapped in white paper, bound with white twine. It's dirty... dirty from being out here... on the dirt."\n\n"Can you open the package?"\n\n"No... I mean... I don't want to. No."\n\n"Are you sure? It might help us to know what it is."\n\n"No." Well there was no sense forcing him if he was unwilling. Perhaps this will come up later. "I see now..." Mr. Eck began then paused.\n\n"Yes? Go on. What do you see?"\n\n"Where the package was: there is a [[trail leading off the path|Woods: Trail]]." Could be something. Or you could direct him back to [[the light|Woods: Light]] seemingly at the centre of this scenario.
"The floor is dirty?" You ask him.\n\n"Yes... A lot of dirt was carried in here. There are boot marks. Someone was here. But they are not here any more. There are most footprints in the path between the front door and that [[steel door|Woods: Steel Door]] over there."
"This door, what does it look like? Can you determine how it might open?"\n\n"Well it's a huge steel door... there's a handle but... no... it won't budge, it's firmly locked in place. There's a triangular socket under the handle."\n\n<<if $woods_have_package>>You could direct him back to the [[package|Woods: Open Package]] now. Time is getting on.<<else>>You can [[end this scenario|Woods: Stuck]] now.<<endif>>
"I'm glad a patient of mine would speak highly of me, I assure you I will provide as fine a hypnotherapy session as you'll find anywhere in the country."\n\n"Oh I am glad to hear it," Mr Eck replies in barely more than a whisper.\n\n"Okay [[without further ado|The Process]]."
"Okay let's take a look at the object now. Calmly walk towards it, staying aware of your surroundings."\n\n"I'm walking towards the object. No longer shrouded in mist; I see it closer. Something long is bound in straps and a weathered material... perhaps leather or some other hide. It must have been in the water for a while. The shape... oh... I... I think it's a body. It looks like a body." Mr. Eck's breath quickens.\n\nThe [[identity of the body|Beach: Identify Body]] is likely to be important here...
"Okay Mr. Eck I think we're at an impasse here, do you want to open your eyes for me. [[Come back to the room|Scenario End]] slowly."
"Okay Mr. Eck. Continue, and stay aware of the darkness over the water."\n\n"It seems darker everywhere now. And... I swear... the darkness is some sort of island. But no natural island would look like that. And it comes closer! The island moves toward the shore as I walk! So dark..."\n\n"Remember: deep, slow breaths." What could the dark island represent?\n\nThis sequence was distressing Mr. Eck, but maybe the island was worth [[exploring|Beach: Island explore]]. Otherwise this might be the last chance to [[go back to the start|Beach: Turning point]] and try again.
<<set $explored_beach = true>><<set $scenarios_explored = $scenarios_explored + 1>>"Imagine for me that you are stood on a beach. You look along an endless sandy expanse. To your left the ground becomes more rocky, to your right: the sea. A breeze comes over the water causing ripples on the gentle waves approaching the shore. You feel the steady breeze blow across you. You hear the water washing against the wet land. Your feet sink into the loose sand."\n\n[[Continue|Beach: Turning point]]
<<if $woods_have_package eq false>>If you're unsure you could take Mr. Eck [[back to the previous part of the path|Entering the Woods]]. Otherwise, it was time to press on.<<endif>> "I want you to continue along the path towards the light. Tell me what you see as you approach."\n\n"The trees are opening out into a clearing up ahead. The light grows brighter... I can see now the light is coming from a building."\n\n"Okay. How would you describe the building?"\n\n"It's small... just a cabin. Everything is quiet here, I hear the trees less. The light... I don't see where the light is coming from. The cabin is surrounded by a pale glow." This appears to be the crux of this sequence, time to find out what Mr. Eck's mind is hiding in there.\n\n"Take a deep breath and [[approach the cabin|Woods: Entering the Cabin]] when you are ready."
Paul S Burgess
"Try knocking on the door. Perhaps someone is in."\n\n"Okay, I knock on the door... but no. There is no-one in. It's so quiet. So terribly quiet."\n\nBetter go ahead and [[try the door|Woods: Door open]] then.
"Can you see what the object is from where you stand?"\n\n"No... the light is fading and the air is misty... I just see a dark shape... wider than it is tall. I couldn't say much more than that."\n\n[[Back|Beach: Footprints continue]]
<<if $scenarios_explored eq 2>>As you consider your next move a knock sounds on your door: loud and firm, not in the manner of your assistant. After a short pause: "Open the door sir: we need to discuss a security matter," the voice was loud and clear and certainly in no mood to be kept waiting. You glance over to Mr. Eck who is looking around the room in apparent panic.\n\n[["What's the matter? What's going on here?"|Eck Panics]]<<else>>After a short while reassuring your patient, you go about inducing him into a hypnotic state once more. [[Another exploration|Scenarios]] like that could help better indicate what this trauma was, so deeply buried in the man's subconscious.<<endif>>