Generation ShipMankind has left the Earth behind and fled in thousands of vessels bound for the stars. You are tasked with managing one of these Generation Ships, and securing a future for the human race.

  • Generation Ship simulates the lives of colonists who work, sleep and relax
  • Even when you are not playing the game, they are working and ageing
  • Build up your ship over time and fill it with more colonists
  • Discover mysterious objects lying in deep space with your probes

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Generation Ship AGeneration Ship BGeneration Ship CGeneration Ship D

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 About Me

Following six years working in the games industry in Oxford, UK, I decided to go it alone and develop games independently. In that time I worked as a programmer on a variety of console and mobile titles including two Need For Speed games, DJ Hero and more recently Clumsy Ninja at NaturalMotion. In November 2013 I released my first independent mobile game, Stargazing.

Generation Ship is my second release and a much larger project than Stargazing. Continuing the theme of space in my games, it represents my own take on a colony management game for mobile that can be played for a few minutes at a time. The music for this game was composed by Dan Pollard.

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