Refocusing efforts

It’s been two weeks of “indie” work now… and I’ve decided to change up my plan for my first release already! I want a super quick turnaround on this first project and I had thought to bundle a few (probably three) polished up versions of my little jam games into something greater. After spending a bit of time on one of them however, I think I’ll be able to do a much better job spending the same time on just one game. It also would seem to be an easier sell than bringing three detached games together. This way I can spend more time on content and less on relentlessly porting and fixing stuff.

I always intended to be flexible with my plans – don’t want to fall into the trap of stubbornly beating away at something that maybe isn’t the best option any more. So one game it is, not three. That’s about all for now, I’ll have more about the game itself soon!

Day One

Well, I did it. I left my job with the sole intention of working full-time on my own games independently – while the money holds out at least. And today is the first day at it!

My hope is to get something to mobile by the end of October, in some part using the Ludum Dare October challenge (if that still happens) as some extra motivation to give me momentum in pushing for a release. Now, that is not very long at all from now so indeed I will not be starting some ambitious project but rather looking to my recent past for this one…

I will say a lot more as this project starts to take shape but what I’m aiming for is something of a compilation of three of my previous little games, polished up and expanded a little. They will be tied by a theme and hopefully something a little more, but I haven’t entirely worked out how that will be yet. I do not expect mainstream success of any description with this but I like to think there are people out there that would be interested in a small set of brief narrative experiences looking at the human condition. A change from grinding gems and coins perhaps?

Final word of thanks to NaturalMotion for providing me employment for almost three years prior to this moment, it really was a cool place to work.

New site!

Hello weary internet traveler! So I’ve had a blog for a little while now but the latest Mini-Ludum Dare competition reminded me how much I desired to have somewhere under my control to host flash games and the like. So here it is! Maybe I’ll even post more often, but no promises there.

I will be following up with a little post about my entry into the aforementioned competition soon. The ups, the downs, the Red Bull. Will be nice to not have to link away to megaSwf/SwfCabin and the like any more!